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2024 Outlook

The market's performance over the past two years has ranged from disappointing to vexing for investors. The good news is brighter days may be ahead. But before they arrive, the clouds have been gathering, and there may be a global economic slowdown (including in the U.S.) that could persist as the calendar turns to 2024.

Given this forecast, how should you prepare for the coming year?

To find out Wells Fargo Investment Institute's perspectives, read "2024 Outlook: A Pivotal Year for the Economy and Markets." It provides forecasts for what potential opportunities, and risks, investors may encounter in 2024 and beyond. Please click here to access the report.

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Wealth Planning Updates & Newsletter Archive

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Three keep/sell considerations | Is it the time to keep or the time to sell? Is it better to continue to live off the annual cash flow (and perks of ownership) or take the lump sum? These decisions are often not straightforward because there can be many variables to evaluate that are not concrete, for example risk, timing, and control. As a result, this can cause a delay in owners engaging in the evaluation process and becoming overwhelmed with multiple "what-if" scenarios. Understanding the three keep/sell considerations can assist with an efficient transition process.

To read the full white paper, please click here.
Three questions every business owner should be able to answer (the earlier the better) | Whether you're focused on growing the business, managing it efficiently, or considering a sale or transition, pausing to answer a few strategic questions can clarify your intentions and prepare you for unexpected events. In our experience, few business owners take the time to consider their answers and, as a result, may be caught off guard when an unsolicited offer arises, there is a change in family circumstances, or shift in personal priorities. Your advisor can tap specialists who offer tools and resources to help you make well-informed decisions.

No matter what stage your business is in, can you answer these essential questions? Click here to access the article.
What is your company worth? | From assessing unsolicited offers to preparing for potential estate taxes, knowing the value of your business is essential. The answer to the valuation question plays a critical role in addressing strategic options that face all business owners. Therefore, it is important to examine the role of the business as a significant source of wealth in order to plan for the future.

To read the full white paper, written by Business Owner Advisory Strategist, Mahesh Rao, please click here.

VRM Intel Articles

Please check out articles written by Bill Whichard and John Woolard, Private Wealth Financial Advisors, for publication in VRM Intel magazine.

VRM Intel Article Archive

Connecting Your Business and Your Personal Goals with a Plan | Most successful business owners have a plan for their business and quite often they have a mission statement. Mission statements usually define a business' core values, its purpose and vision for how employees and customers should be treated. In many cases, this statement is a guide for employees and spells out expectations as to how they should perform their duties as well. Future goals are often expressed so that employees and customers know how the business hopes to grow and develop over time. The mission statement and the business plan help drive the direction of the business moving forward.

Click here to read why you should have a plan that connects your business and personal goals.
Incorporating the Exit Strategy into the Vacation Rental Management Business Plan | Every business owner understands the importance of having a well-designed business plan in place. A solid plan outlines strategies for growth, details how to train and motivate staff, and maintains flexibillity based on trends in the industry. The vacation rental management (VRM) industry has seen lots of recent change, and company owners are aware of the need to adapt. Having a business plan in place helps the management team know what is expected, even in the midst of these industry changes, and setting goals for the business motivates everyone to make strategic adjustments to stay on track. As the old saying goes: "If you don't know where you are going, any road will get you there." You just might not like where you end up.

Click here to see key reasons business owners should have a customized exit strategy.

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